Where to buy the BEST Hot Chocolate Bombs in Calgary for the Christmas Season!

There is definetly a wave of excitement surrounding the fun of scooping your hot chocolate bomb into a warm cup of milk and watching it unfold!  But where can you find them?  Read below for some of the best places to get these magical treats this holiday season!

If you have no idea what hot chocolate bombs are they are typically chocolate hollow spheres filled with hot chocolate powder and different flavours and toppings. Once you place the hot chocolate bomb or cocoa bomb into a hot cup of milk the chocolate shell melts and exposes the inner mix ins to the milk. It’s a really wonderful experience for all ages!

Here are some places to buy hot chocolate bombs in Calgary to support small businesses:

94 Take The Cake

Cocoa Bubble

Iced Innovations Cakes

The Chocolate Drop

8 Cakes

For Sweets Sakes

MJ Bakes

Cocoa And More

Bomb Cocoa Bombs

Lauren & Courtney Bake

Alicia’s Bakery

Sugar & Smiles YYC

Sugar Momma YYC

Sweet Element YYC

D&J Sweet Expectations

Masters Chocolat

Sweets of Paradise


Make sure to check all the vendors flavors – from lots of mix-ins to simple, there is something for everyone! It is a great gift for all ages and will be a wonderful experience to bond over this year.

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