Must Visit Tobogganing Spots

With the arrival of so much snow, it’s finally that time of year to get the sled out and go tobogganing! And to make sure you’re having the best time, we’re sharing all of our favourite tobogganing spots! 

  1. St. Andrew’s Heights - there is one long and steep hill perfect for those of you who are more adventurous and a smaller slope near the community centre for the little sledders too! 
  2. Confederation Park - this location has more diverse terrain, and is also the best tobogganing spot for those candid family pictures! 
  3. Signal Hill - this spot has a less steep hill with a large stretch of flat ground at the bottom, so you can feel more comfortable letting big kids go on their own! 
  4. Stanley Park - this park offers a steep decline in the centre of the hill, and for more family fun there’s a large playground for those averse to tumbling down big hills.

Don’t forget, safety first! 

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Don't start down the hill until the path in front of you is clear of people and obstacles.
  • When walking back up the hill, avoid areas where others are sledding.
  • Avoid dangling clothing like scarves.
  • Don't sled at night.
  • Don't go down the hill head first. Sit up or kneel instead.
  • Get out of the way quickly when your sled stops.

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