Fun and Simple Back to School Lunch Ideas

It’s back to school season, and that means prepping lunches for your kiddos! Life is hectic enough so we’ve got some easy and fun ideas for you that will limit your time in the kitchen and get your kids excited for lunch time! 

Bento Boxes: Instead of buying lunchables, you can easily make your own! Throw some crackers, sliced cheese, veggies and/or fruit into your favorite bento box for a quick and simple lunch! You can create all of your child’s favorite food combinations in bento boxes and it saves you the mess of washing (or losing) multiple containers. To make it more fun for your kids, you can always add some cute food picks! 

Tortilla Pinwheels: Pinwheels are a fun way to present food to your kids! Just roll up a tortilla with your deli meat of choice with cheese or veggies and slice into little one inch rolls! Here are some of our favorite combinations:

Tortilla, Dill Pickle and Cheese served with assorted berries on the side

Tortilla, hummus, shredded lettuce and cucumber with a side of mandarin orange slices

Tortilla, peanut butter and jelly with a side of cut up veggies

Disassembled Foods: Instead of packing a sandwich or a wrap, offering the ingredients individually can be really fun and interesting for kids at lunch time! This is also a great way to get around aversions to food touching or textures! 

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