Five Christmas Tree Trends of 2021

If you are in need of some inspiration, these Christmas tree trends are sure to give you some guidance. In 2021, decorations are about so much more than red and green!

Perhaps you want to add to your existing collection of Christmas tree ideas, changing up the look you always go for, or you’re after a whole new look - these ideas are simple and easy to follow!

Of course, the way to think about Christmas tree trends is that there are some staples that never go out of style. Twinkly lights, gleaming trinkets, and gift-wrapped boxes never fall out of favor. But these interpretations of how to decorate the tree all feel very now, while seeming timeless as well.


If you’re single-minded in your vision, then this Christmas tree trend is for you, and is one of the most cohesive alternative Christmas tree ideas. Paring back to just one color across the whole tree is not only a bold and stylish look, but also an incredibly easy one to execute. The single-use of color is bold and looks extremely sophisticated, while the contrast between the pine needles and the velvet soft finish of matt painted decor is eye catching.


This look incorporates a more whimsical color palette and retro designs. Pastel pinks and blues with hints of old festive trinkets, retro tree lights and vintage-style capture the sentimentality of the season, while pretty ribbons and bows offer an element of playfulness and fun. For this look, a faux frosted tree works beautifully with the color palette while twinkling wall decorations and candlelight offer that cozy glow. 


For something a little softer, you can’t beat a palette of natural tones. Sitting beautifully against festive foliage - be it a tree, table centerpiece or staircase garland - these tones will really accentuate the beauty of nature. 

The camel, tan and beige hues that make up the majority of our decorations collection are a softer take on the gold tones traditionally associated with Christmas. Natural colors are a big trend this winter, and speak to the wider shift towards all things organic.


Gone are the days of needing to choose between gold and silver, because this year, they’re the new power couple. Just like the principles in interior design, combine these two metallic tones in abundance for maximum effect. Add gold, silver and sparkle across baubles and fairy lights - and in plentiful amounts.


If you love green, but are after a more contemporary alternative to red - try terracotta. Terracotta and olive work so well together because they are both warm, earthy tones and they don’t overpower each other. 

Terracotta is one of those colors that go with grey, making it perfect for a sophisticated scheme. And when it comes to layering other elements into this look, take your cue from the natural world. These tones are very inspired by nature, which is always the best palette to draw from.


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