4 Ideas for Pumpkin Decorations

Pumpkin season is upon us! Whether it’s pumpkin spice in our lattes, scones and muffins or squash in our dinners. This season, we have 5 ways you can incorporate pumpkins into your fall decor!

Using pumpkins as table decor! 

Pumpkins and various other squash can add that fall pop of color to your kitchen, dining table or living room! Using woven baskets and candles to balance the bright orange and yellow tones make for a beautiful centerpiece! 


Paint on Your Pumpkins! 

Especially with October just around the corner, this is a simple way to incorporate pumpkins into your spooky decor! Painting words, cobwebs and faces is a cute alternative to traditional carved pumpkins. 

Decorate Your Doorstep! 

Pumpkins are an easy way to decorate the entrance to your home. Especially with the leaves falling, the colors perfectly complement each other! 

Classic Carved Pumpkins!

Last, but certainly not least, get carving! This is a fun and traditional way to decorate inside and outside your home! You can recreate characters, have family competitions and the best part - roasting the pumpkin seeds when you’re done! 

We hope you love our pumpkin ideas, and when your decorative squash start to ripen, turn them into some delicious baked goods or rich and hearty soups! 

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